And the Nominees Are...

    Yesterday like most of you I eagerly tuned into CBS to watch the Grammy Awards. Of course I wanted to see if my favorite artist would win and I had to see Rihanna perform but my main focus of course were the outfits. Im proud to say despite the discouragement of showing up in risky ensembles via the new dress code, the nominees still slayed for the most part. Here are my favorites of the night:

I think Kelly defied the code in this Georges Chakra cut out but she looks
flawless. She even seemed to be glowing

Nas fine self in this blazer looks delicious and polished
and i love the chain on the pocket that nods to his NY roots

JLO Slayss with this asymmetrical one shoulder by Anthony Varccerello especially with this
classic Angelina Jolie slit. Perfection.

JT made a come back like no other with this
snazzy Tom Ford suit the misses must've loved it

I literally clutched my chest when Adele walked out in this floral Valentino A-line.
We know she's a fan on this cut but this print with the matching shoes
was amazing and she finally wore color.

LL Cool J was certainly the hostest with the mostest
and i do love a man in a cream suit by Armani <3

Definitely had some tough competition but hands down Katy Perry
took the cake in thus mint Gucci cutout. My eyes couldnt help but go
in the same direction as Ellens. Thats how you make a post breakup appearance!
I personally think Taylor Swift is dramatic and angsty but she looked
like a Grecian goddess in this J Medel gown. At least she got that right
Kaley Cuoco took the nontraditional route in the this Amen jacket paired
with leather pants and a white tee but it workerd. She stood out in a good way
Proud parents to be Wiz and Amber Rose look adorable in matching
b&w even tho she took Wiz from me Amber looked too cute
in the Donna Karen Dress.

RiRi looked so sophisticated in the red sheer custom Alia number,
i love her edge but she does classy well too.



Aesthetic Value Turns 2!!

                   Yep I've finally hit the big 2 year mark. But unlike the dreadful terrible twos that new parents have to look forward to I'm hoping to experience a "terrific" 2nd year. (I know that is so corny) LOL. Anyway in my 2nd year Im going to bring my devoted readers more fashion, more commentary, and more inside into the ins and outs of Chicago's Fashion world and my take on it.
              In honor of the 2 year celebration I've decided to pull a traditional fashion blogger trick and post my outfit for today. I was also inspired by the instagram february photo challenge. Today I went for a cute and classic polished look. So here you go enjoy and thanks for all the support in the last 2 years. XOXO Your newly recommited blogger. - Brittany Nichole ;)



I Resolve

             Every January 1st Americans around the country marvel at the past year and look forward to whats to come in this new set of 365 days. We do many things to celebrate this new beginning: attend an over pass service, spend quality family time, shack up with our lovers, watch the ball drop or get stupid drunk and have your phone stolen (my NYE shenanigans). But among all the most common tradition is making a list of things that we hope to change from last year.
              I too sat down with my favorite purple pen and my Marilyn Monroe spiral and tried to think of things that I would resolve to do in 2013. Although I definitely came up with some essentials: don't give my number to every cute random guy, be nicer to my brother, try to land an internship; it occurred to me that one of the most frequently overlooked categories of resolution is our wardrobes. Such a vain sounding resolution yet potentially a stepping stone to achieve other goals. Sure changing up your personal style may not win you a Nobel peace prize or grant you a new Audi but it just might increase your chances of getting that promotion and new shoes might finally catch the eye of the office cutie you've been eyeing.
            So in this new year I resolved to make some necessary changes to my personal style and outlook on my appearance. But we shall call them vows (after all the divorce rate is still lower than the number of new years resolutions kept). As I put up my new calendar and try to consciously remember to write 13' in all my dates instead of 12', these 13 things are my vows for the new year and a very stylish new me (OK I'll admit I've had the movie on replay) ;)
  1. I vow to rededicate myself to Aesthetic Value
  2. I vow to rekindle my love affair with accessories
  3. I vow to take risk in my garments, not just my accessories
  4. I vow not to be intimidated by prints
  5. I vow to engage in vintage shopping on a regular basis
  6. I vow to not let my uniform stunt my personal style
  7. I vow not to follow trends but to embrace them organically into my wardrobe
  8. I vow to wear heels on non - special occasions
  9. I vow to stop matching my makeup with my outfit
  10. I vow to remember that a bad hair day or bad attitude are the biggest enemies to a chic outfit
  11. I vow to accept that beauty is pain
  12. I vow to break gender specific dressing rules
  13. I vow to purchase at least one pair of jeans (for those friends of mine who beg me to put on pants in winter months) lol



AV Crush: September

                 Its that time of year again; when the deceptively bright sun pays no homage to the surprisingly chilly winds once you step through your respective thresholds. Yes indeed fall is here. The season for layers and outrageous mixing and creativity. The space right in between covering everything up with a knee length coat and not being allowed to wear your toesies out. I am dying to stock my closet with this seasons essentials but being that my pockets have taken a bruisin' due to the double edged sword called rent, I guess its just window and online shopping for me. Anyways here are my September Crushes, that will hopefully magically appear in my closet right when I post this...a girl can always dream right??
Printed Peplum Skirt *Perfection*. Xenia.com.au
Obvi Ima #90's Baby. Hat. Nastygal.com
Mixed Media Saddle bag. *BANANAS*. Chictopia
Zodiac Bracelet. *#TeamLEO*. NastyGal
Havent Tracked Down the site yet.
*Self Explanatory*. 

Nike Dunk Leopard Sneakers. *The obssession is real lol*
Abby Dawn jacket (modeled by Kendall Jenner)